We believe in
collaborative innovation

PepsiCo Labs is looking to partner with promising tech start-ups that
specialize in cutting-edge technologies
in the following areas:


Consumer engagement

Today's consumers have more power and influence than ever before. That’s why we’re looking for upcoming trends that can help shape the future of the business customer-relationship. How might your solution support us?


Sales and
Shopper Innovation

Billions of shoppers interact with PepsiCo products every day across multiple channels from small-scale stores to e-commerce sites. Could your technology help PepsiCo better understand their needs?


Supply chain and manufacturing

Sustainability and efficiency are core to PepsiCo’s principles and underpin the company’s Purpose agenda. Could your platform help PepsiCo grow the business while protecting the planet?


Go-to-market innovation

The shopping experience is changing at a rapid pace. Do you have the technology that could boost PepsiCo’s sales and deliver the right product to the right place at the right time?

PepsiCo Labs wants to partner with start-ups to source, develop and apply cutting edge technologies across PepsiCo’s value chain.

As a PepsiCo Labs partner, your start-up will gain access to PepsiCo’s global reach, in-house expertise and vast network of channels and relationships. You’ll become a valued part of the company’s collaborative culture, and you’ll have support from PepsiCo experts to help get your tech onto a global stage.