Start-up portfolio

From analytics and AI to robotics and retail, find out more about some of the start-ups PepsiCo Labs is working with and the innovative technologies they've helped develop.

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    Engaging in-game ads
    Anzu has created a new advertising ecosystem where ads blend seamlessly into games, engaging hard-to-reach audiences and winning positive association that boosts brand love.
    Turning sound into signs
    3DSignals has developed award-winning tech that converts the sound from industrial machinery into equipment performance indicators. It’s proven to improve safety and increase quality.
  • CHEQ
    Protecting brand safety
    Cheq’s mission is to help sustain the digital ecosystem by protecting the world’s’ leading online advertisers from cybersecurity risks, and safeguarding their spend.  
    Next-gen marketing intelligence
    Datorama’s platform connects marketing tools and reports in one central place, transforming the way marketers optimize their performance, impact and customer loyalty
  • DLR
    Introducing Deep Learning Robots
    DLR’s vision-based controller uses advanced machine-learning algorithms, enable robots to learn by observing humans, and replicate tasks.
    Wow moments via video
    Idomoo brings together the power of data and video to engage and excite consumers. The company’s platform creates personalized video content ready for a range of campaigns.
    Gifting gets better
    Jifti’s white-label platform allows brands to send any product or e-voucher as a single gift or large-scale campaign, by personalized email or text message. And a reporting dashboard makes it easy to track engagement in real time
    Better insights = better decisions
    Segmanta’s intuitive survey platform and analytics dashboard is designed to help companies build engaging, interactive surveys, capturing invaluable consumer data with just a few clicks.
    Reshaping retail
    Trigo Vision’s technology provides a seamless checkout process for the shopper, while providing valuable insights and customer engagement opportunities for retailers.

    Creating cutting-edge images
    Vayyar’s mobile 3D-imaging sensors produce high-resolution, ultra-accurate images with applications across a range of sectors from retail to security, automotive and elderly care.
    Making digital adoption easier
    WalkMe’s platform works as an invisible layer of visual cues and personalized content placed on top of web or enterprise software. It combines insights, engagement and automation to help make digital adoption for employees and customers simple.