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Meet PepsiCo Labs

We partner with the world’s most innovative startups to grow on a global scale.

Think Big. Build Bigger.

We're looking for technology that will change the world.

PepsiCo’s pilot program will immediately put your innovations to the test against real world business problems.

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$1B Brands


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Our Pilot Program

Put your solution in the lab. We’ll put it out into the world.

Successful pilots have the potential to expand globally in a very short time period.

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Why PepsiCo?

Why PepsiCo?

Partner with some of the world’s most brilliant minds.

Our resources have the expertise to bring new insights and rapidly accelerate an emerging solution.

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Get full buy-in from the top down.

We’ll match your ideas with the right minds on Day 1.


Gain a wealth of wisdom.

You’ll tap into some of the best brainpower in our organization.


Test your solutions together with us.

Together, we’ll pilot your technology in a real world environment.

Our Mission

We built PepsiCo Labs to lead us into the future. The program is our gateway to the most innovative tech startups in the world. It's helping us evolve quickly and discover ways to create more smiles around the world every single day.

Ramón Laguarta
Ramón Laguarta PepsiCo, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
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