About PepsiCo Labs

Faster. Stronger. Better. Together.

We’re looking for technology to solve today's business problems. Join us and test your solutions in a real-world environment alongside key decision makers.

How It Works

We hand-pick startups to test against actual industry needs. In each program, select companies work hand-in-hand with PepsiCo experts to test and scale their ideas.

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If you have the potential to solve industry problems, you'll be part of a select batch of companies to team with PepsiCo Labs.


Your technology will be tested in a real-world setting under the guidance and partnership of our team of experts.


If successful, your solution will have the opportunity to scale across our global network at the conclusion of the program.

Our Tech Focus Areas


We’re always looking for novel ways to connect with our consumers. From personalization to e-gaming, we want to lead, inspire, and engage in all conversations.


As the retail landscape rapidly changes, we want to evolve at the same speed. From selling to merchandising, we want the right products, in the right store, at the right time.

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Industry 4.0

Next gen manufacturing focuses on making our machines smarter and more agile. From sensors to robotics, we’ll shape how PepsiCo operates for decades to come.

Supply Chain

The search for newer, faster, and smarter ways to get our products in the hands of consumers never stops. From automation to delivery, we’re redefining speed and accuracy.

Business Services

Essential functions can still be optimized with technology. From legal, to HR, to finance, we’re pioneering new ways of doing business.

Data & Analytics

To improve performance, we have to get smarter. From gathering data to making real-time decisions, we’re looking for insights that improve the way we operate and how our customers are served.

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In six months, we moved from a pilot to a global rollout. That would have never been possible without the personal investment of PepsiCo Labs and support from executive sponsors.

Anastasia Leng Founder & CEO, CreativeX
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