PepsiCo helped co-create a new-to-world platform and expand Zappi globally.


The changing worlds of marketing and advertising media can give you whiplash. Partnering with PepsiCo Labs has done more than help us keep up, they’ve helped us stay ahead of the industry. We work together to invent new solutions and scale them across the globe in record speed.

Stephen Phillips
Stephen Phillips CEO, Zappi
Year founded
London, UK
Stephen Phillips
Tech Focus Area
Data & Analytics

What is unique about the technology?

Zappi is an ad testing platform that provides centralized access to research methodologies so clients can test more, learn more, and ultimately make better decisions. We identified the potential this could have in the digital world.

How did we test the technology?

Within nine months, we helped Zappi develop solutions that could be applied to the thousands of pieces of content that our brands create daily. We quickly learned that working together meant we weren’t just making faster decisions, but smarter ones.

How did we impact the business?

The partnership with Zappi grew by 40% in 2020; PepsiCo is now able to move from the ideation to innovation stage in 60% less time than our global average. Additionally, Zappi helped train over 400 PepsiCo insights professionals in forward thinking as we expand across the globe.