CreativeX allowed PepsiCo to measure its image and video content, improving quality, consistency, and engagement in real time.


Addressing the fundamental problem of achieving creative excellence with a partner at the scale and size of PepsiCo is really what pushed our innovations into overdrive. The team’s agility and relentless focus on improving through data have been invaluable. We’re thrilled to have PepsiCo as a partner in our pursuit to develop how technology can help enhance creative expression.

Anastasia Leng
Anastasia Leng Founder & CEO, CreativeX
Year founded
New York, NY
Anastasia Leng
Tech Focus Area
Data & Analytics

What is the technology innovation?

The CreativeX system learns what 'excellent' content means to brands – enabling them to detect, in real-time, when assets meet standards of excellence and improving content efficiency and effectiveness at scale.

How did we test the technology?

We teamed with CreativeX in testing their platform to develop standards for tracking creative quality as well as brand consistency. This helped to prove their potential value as they delivered at scale for digital media creative and in gathering key insights to drive performance.

How did we impact the business?

Nine months after the pilot program began, we rolled out the CreativeX technology globally and have helped evolve their platform to measure additional creative elements – make the solution even more powerful for PepsiCo.